Acceptable Use of the Internet and Library Public Computers

Internet terminals are provided for public access to the Internet. 

Use is available on a first come, first served basis.  If no one else is waiting to use the computer, the user does not have a time limit. In the case that someone is waiting, patrons should limit their use time to 20 minutes.

An adult must accompany children under age 12 if they wish to use the Internet. 

Respect legal protection of copyright and license to programs and data.

Respect the privacy of other users.

Only one person per terminal.

Printing may be done at $.20 per page; the first three printed pages are free.  Please ask before printing.  All printed copies will be removed from the printer and sorted by library staff only.

Users are responsible for any harm done to the computers.

Failure to use the Internet stations appropriately and responsibly may result in loss of Internet use privileges.